80th Anniversary Of Aussie Aviation Pioneer’s Death

Bert Hinkler flew for 15 days from England to Australia in his Avro 581E Avian-G-EBOV in 1928.

Despite being a pioneer aviator, the name of Bert Hinkler of Australia is little known.

Hinkler was the first person to fly solo from Croydon, England to Darwin, Australia in 1928. It took him just under 15-1/2 days. The previous record was 28 days. Quite an accomplishment considering the youthfulness of heavier-than-air aviation.

Hinkler made the journey in the airplane pictured above, an Avro Avian bi-plane purchased in 1927 utilizing an 85 horsepower ADC Cirrus engine, and then modified it with tweaks to the wings and undercarriage, having it known as the Avro 581E. That plane in the photo above – beautiful!

Bert Hinkler at the age of 27.

Sky News, an Aussie news site recently paid tribute to Hinkler with a short bio on him.

Click HERE to read about it.

I will research a longer biography on Hinkler shortly.

Andrew Joseph

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