1920s Pilot License

Pilots license 0Want to see what a pilot’s license or “aviator’s certificate” looks like?

The images here are for a pilot’s license issued by the Federation Aeronautic Association of the United States to Mr. F. Gerald Phillips in 1926.

It’s the actual license of F. Gerald Phillips, who was born on May 22, 1902, earning the certificate on November 30, 1926…. and guess what? It’s for sale over on E-bay right now: click HERE for US$2,800.

As you can see in the images below, there are a couple of cool signatures on it, namely: Orville Wright (who lost the coin toss with his brother Wilbur to be the first man to successfully fly an aeroplane) who was then the chairman of the National Aeronautic Association (NAA) Contest Committee, and Will Rogers, the famed actor, philanthropist and early aviation promoter.

The notation regarding Will Rogers under the signature implies he signed the booklet after riding with Phillips as a “Pass[enger]. Albany to N.Y.C. 1929”. How cool!

The actual aviator’s certificate is a small (width ALWAYS first) 7.62 cm x  10.16 cm (3″ x 4″) leather-bound booklet, with what appears to be a total of four-printed pages of material.

Pilots license 1ilots License 3Pilots License 4If you have the financial resources and an understanding spouse, this rare original aviation certificate would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s aviation collection. I’d by it, but I lack both of the necessary requirements to own one.





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