The Daily Mail’s Zeppelin Insurance

Daily Mail Zelleplin Fund PosterHere are a few posters distributed by Great Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper regarding compensation from German zeppelin attacks on London in what can be construed as the First Battle of Britain during WWI.

The first, above, describes a ‘Zeppelin Fund’ for people and property that might suffer pain, damage, or death.

It is, in fact, Zeppelin insurance.

The poster below, well, that one tells you what the Zeppelin Fund payouts will be should you suffer from an attack.

Daily Mail Zeppelin Fund PayoutsYou’ll notice that it says for ‘registered readers’, implying that the newspaper will pay out some cash should you die or get hurt or have your home damaged from an attack – but only if you are a loyal reader that signs up for this.

The third poster below – well, I’m unsure who created this, but it provides a handy-dandy easy-peasy way for people to identify the enemy aircraft via silhouette, so that they can report it to the authorities – just make sure you aren’t seeing one of the British aircraft!

Plane and zeppelin spotting poster WWI I love the warning: Do not touch unexploded bombs!

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