Description Of A WWI Bomber’s Sight System – Revised

WWI Bomber Data

Here’s a nice cut-away image showing what appears to be a World War I German Goth bomber, and all the components we the people should know about the inner workings of this new invention.

It’s a French clipping, so while I originally had a translation (courtesy of Google Translate), another reader was kind of enough to present a better one (courtesy of Alvaro Bellon – thanks!!!!)

La Guerre Aerienne – Aerial Warfare

  • levier de lançement des bombes – bomb release lever;
  • disque commandant de prisme – prism control knob;
  • lentille – lens;
  • indicateur de vitesse – speedometer;
  • measure de l’angle de vision – angle of vision indicator;
  • oculaire – eye-piece;
  • couloir – Catwalk, gangway;
  • Niveau a alcool – alcohol level;
  • indicateur de route – route indicator;
  • prisme mobile – movable prism;
  • bombe au moment de lancement – bomb at time of release

That’s a lot better than what I originally had.

My big question is just what the heck an ‘alcohol level’ is? I mean I might want to be bombed if I was flying around in WWI – pun intended. But I really don’t know… is it the water and alcohol mixture in the induction system?

Alvaro! Thank-you very much!!!

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5 Responses to Description Of A WWI Bomber’s Sight System – Revised

  1. Alvaro Bellon says:

    I have reviewed Google’s translation and can offer you a “new and improved” version. Would be glad to email it to you.

    Long Time Subscriber


  2. John Murrell says:

    I would think an alcohol level is a mis translation of ‘spirit level’ which is a gently curved glass tube filled with ‘spirit’ or alcohol with a bubble of ‘air’ so that you can determine what is level. In this case it looks as though it may have been used to find vertical via a right angle. I think similar levels were used in early turn and bank indicators


  3. JohnM says:

    That is the wonder of machine translation – glad to have helped.


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