Minecraft: Airplane

Minecraft Airplane 1

Although made of granite and stone bricks, my son’s airplane has pretty much the right stuff.

The images contained herein are the constructs of my eight-year-old son, Hudson, who decided to build an airplane while playing the video game Minecraft on the Sony PS3.

I didn’t tell him to do it and I’m pretty sure that aside from my love of sports, comic books and cartoons he doesn’t know I like airplanes.

What is particularly interesting is that he has the design pretty well set – especially when you glance at the view from up high in the sky looking down.

Minecraft Airplane Top View

Top view of Minecraft airplane – it seems correct in the shape department.

The biggest shame is that he was unable to affect realistic cockpit controls – but at least opted to provide the pilots with a clear glass view in front and above.

Minecraft airplane cockpit

Minecraft airplane cockpit – well… actually, there’s a glass door separating the cockpit from the cabin… and what you see are a couple of chairs in the cabin facing backwards -but not bad from a kid who’s never flown before – except when he was 12 months old – much to the consternation of the other passengers. And don’t blame me – I wasn’t on that trip.

The plane doesn’t fly (of course?), but did show that he has lots of patience… unfortunately only for Minecraft.



Andrew Joseph


About mreman47

Andrew was born in London, UK, raised in Toronto, Canada, and cavorted in Ohtawara, Japan for three years. He is married, has a son and a cat. He has over 35,000 comic books and a plethora of pioneer aviation-related tobacco and sports cards and likes to build LEGO dioramas. He has written and been an editor for various industrial magazines, has scripted comic books, ghost-written blogs for business sectors galore, and hates writing in the 3rd person. He also hates having to write this crap that no one will ever read. He works on his Pioneers Of Aviation - a cool blog on early fliers - even though it takes him so much time to do. He also wants to do more writing - for money, though. Help him out so he can stop talking in the 3rd person.
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