Music Video Shot Via Drone

OK GO Video droneYou might be wondering just WHY I am showing off the video below by OK Go, an American alternative music group (dance) and their song: I Won’t Let You Down – fair question.

Well, the short answer is that the director, a Japanese man named Morihiro Harano used a specially-built drone to film the video – which was shot pretty much as one un-cut take.

Filmed over three days – and lots of rain in Japan – I think the monsoon season finished a couple of weeks ago – they did 44 takes, completing the whole routine 11 times, and out of those 11, there were three that everyone was happy with – the video below is one of those.

One of the neat things about the video is at the end where, as the drone keeps rising up to around 700 meters (nearly 2,300-feet or half a mile), we see as the music stops the huge crowd featuring some 2,40 people do a the opening and closing of single-colored umbrellas making words and images – just freaking breath-taking.


It ends with the drone flying off in to the sky showing us a neat view of Japan from the air.

The drone used a multi-copter camera to get the awesome aerial shots, with everything shot at half-speed, and thus everyone moving in slow-motion.  The film was sped up to get the awesome effect in the editing.

Right now – see the hottest music video in Japan.

The little cycles they are riding at the beginning of the video – those are the new Honda UNI-CUB.

I want one. And a drone. And my own music video.


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Andrew was born in London, UK, raised in Toronto, Canada, and cavorted in Ohtawara, Japan for three years. He is married, has a son and a cat. He has over 35,000 comic books and a plethora of pioneer aviation-related tobacco and sports cards and likes to build LEGO dioramas. Along with writing for a monthly industrial magazine, he also writes comic books and hates writing in the 3rd person. He also hates having to write this crap that no one will ever read. Along with the daily Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife blog, when he feels the hate, will also write another blog entitled: You Know What I Hate? He also works on his Pioneers Of Aviation - a cool blog on early fliers. He also wants to do more writing - for money, though. Help him out so he can stop talking in the 3rd person.
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