1910 Nice, France Aviation Poster

Nice 1910 Aeroplane posterA really nice early aviation poster of the 1910 Nice, France aviation meet.

The poster was designed by Charles-Léonce Brossé (born 1871 – died 19??), who was also known as Bsor or Bzor. He was a French painter; engraver and lithographer, who is best known for the above poster which helped create the image of Nice as a glorious destination.

The Meeting d’Aviation Nice airshow was held over Nice, France between April 10-24, 1910 – one of the earliest airshows ever, showing France’s grasp of the new technology, not to mention old commerce.

The poster shows a pilot tossing roses from his cockpit down along the coastline of Nice. Ahhh, romanctic, n’est-ce pas?

That means, ‘romantic, isn’t it?’ I hope My French is rusty seeing as how I flunked it back in Grade 8 nearly 40 years ago.

The poster shows the early flairs of Art Noveau style lettering at the top, as well as the exaggerated (stylized) wings on the eagle that is Nice’s coat-of-arms, elongated to look more like a set of aeroplane wings (uh, if they bent like a birds, I suppose – the odds are high the artist may only have ever glimpsed an aeroplane a single time.)

If a 1910 aeroplane did look like the one represented in the fantastic poster, odds are that it never flew or that the pilots looked less romantic with a mouthful of bugs in his teeth and mustache.




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