Checklist For Wills’s Cigarettes Aviation 1910 – 50 Cards


Checklist For Wills’s Cigarettes Aviation 1910 – 50 Cards

1910 Wills’s Aviation 50-Card Series

Card # Title of Card
1.1.jpg “Flying Ship” of Francesco de Lana.
2.2.jpg Montgolfier, 1783.
3.3.jpg First Balloon Flight in England, 1784.
4.4.jpg First Successful Crossing the Channel, 1785.
5.5.jpg First Parachute Display, 1837.
6.6.jpg First “dirigible,” 1852.
7.7.jpg First Successful Dirigible, 1883.
8.8.jpg Rounding the Eiffel Tower, Santos Dumont.
9.9.jpg First British War Balloon, “Nulli Secondus,” 1905.
10.10.jpg United States Military Dirigible No. 1.
11.111.jpg The Wellman Airship “America,” 1907.
12.12.jpg French Dirigibles Lebaudy Type.
13.13.jpg Modern British Army Dirigible “Baby.”
14.14.jpg “Ville de Paris” (French.)
15.15.jpg German Parseval Type.
16.16.jpg Italian Dirigible “Italia.”
17.willss-tobacco-card-1910-aviation-card-17.jpg Spanish “Torres Quevedo.”
18.18.jpg German Military Dirigibles Gross Type.
19.19.jpg French Zodiac type.
20.reverse-of-1910-wills-card-20-italian-military-dirigible-no-1.jpg Italian Military Dirigible No. 1.
21.21.jpg German Dirigible “Clouth.”
22.22.jpg French Military Dirigible “Colonel Renard.”
23.23.jpg German Zeppelin Type.
24.24.jpg French Dirigible “Capazza.”
25.25.jpg British Dirigible “Clement Bayard.”
26.26.jpg An Early Idea of Aviation.
27.27.jpg Besnier.
28.28.jpg Henson’s Idea.
29.29.jpg Lilenthal Gliding Machine.
30.30.jpg Maxim, 1890.
31.31.jpg The “Ader” Flying Machine.
32.32.jpg Chanute, 1895.
33.33.jpg Santos Dumont’s First Monoplane.
34.34.jpg “Gastamabide & Mengin” Monoplane, 1908.
35.35.jpg Wright Bros.’ Biplane.
36.361.jpg Professor Langley’s Aerodrome.
37.willss1910_37.jpg “Voisin” Type Biplane.
38.willss1910_38.jpg “Bleriot XI.”
39.39f.jpg The “Antoniette” Monoplane, 1909.
40.40f.jpg The “Windham” Monoplane.
41.41f-32.jpg “Farman” Biplane.
42.42f-001-2.jpg The R.E.P. Monoplane.
43.43-001.jpg “Silver Dart.”
44.44.jpg “Cody” Biplane.
45.card-45.jpg Santos Dumont’s Monoplane, No. XIX.
46.card-46.jpg “Herring-Curtiss.”
47.card-47.jpg “Jerme” Biplane.
48.card-48.jpg “Kimball.”
49.card-49.jpg “Rickman” Helicopter.
50.card-50.jpg The First Lady Aviator.

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