Checklist For Wills’s Cigarettes Aviation 1912 – 85-Card Series

Checklist 3

The Checklist For Wills’s Cigarettes Aviation 1912 – 85-Card Series, is like the 75-card series that features 79 different cards, only this actually has 89 cards – four extra depictions due to variances between the two tobacco brands publishing this series.

Only two cigarette brands are involved in the 85-card series, so you would think it would be easy for a person collecting to day to be able to get  their hands on the cards.

While other records state that this series was published in 1911, the reverse of card No. 83, for example, clearly mentions a past event taking place in 1912.

So this is actually a 1912 set, and not a 1911 set as other reference material claims. Then again, some reference materials have stated the date may only be an approximation. I’m not. The date of 1912 for this 85-card series is correct.

The 85 (89)-card series available in this set vary per the tobacco company advertised on the reverse: Capstan Black; and Vice Regal Black.

There are no green-back cards, nor is there a Havelock brand issue (green or black).

The cards appear to have been prepared as early as January of 1912, and were printed and inserted as stiffeners/giveaways in the Capstan and Vice Regal brands of cigarettes… and only for the Australian and perhaps New Zealand markets.

Which is why they are difficult to find. A smaller press run…

The cards appear to be difficult to find via various on-line auctions in any condition. My own collection is small. I only consider a set to be a set, if all the cards are from the same tobacco brand.

Below is the list of the 85-card series – all 89 cards.

Under the “Title of Card”, is a click-thru link to a full feature article written by yours truly, researched heavily, featuring as much information on the subject I dared investigate. There are errors on the cards, errors in many of the sites proclaiming to have information, and there are cards where little to no information is provided. I have done my best to clarify the truth to present historical accuracy… yeah, I’m blowing my own air horn, but I am proud of the work I have put into the Pioneers Of Aviation blog. You, are welcome to point out any errors to me, and I will correct them with attribution. The proof, however, will set us free.

As a former newspaper reporter with the Toronto Star, and a personal curiosity of all things, every article tries to answer every question THIS curious mind could ask… ensuring every story is as complete as a blog can bring, without having to write a book.

1912 Wills’s Aviation 85-Card Series – see HERE for more details on each possible type of series

Card # Company Brands Title of Card Back Color
1.1.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Flying Ship” of Francesco de Lana. Black version
2.2.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Montgolfier, 1783. Black version
3.3.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal First Balloon Flight in England, 1784. Black version
4.4.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal First Successful Crossing the Channel, 1785. Black version
5.5.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal First Parachute Display, 1837. Black version
6.6.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal First “dirigible,” 1852. Black version
7.7.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal First Successful Dirigible, 1883. Black version
8.8.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Rounding the Eiffel Tower, Santos Dumont. Black version
9.9.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal First British War Balloon, “Nulli Secondus,” 1905. Black version
10.10.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal United States Military Dirigible No. 1. Black version
11.111.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal The Wellman Airship “America,” 1907. Black version
12.12.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal French Dirigibles Lebaudy Type. Black version
13.13.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Modern British Army Dirigible “Baby.” Black version
14.14.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Ville de Paris” (French.) Black version
15.15.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal German Parseval Type. Black version
16.16.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Italian Dirigible “Italia.” Black version
17.willss-tobacco-card-1910-aviation-card-17.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Spanish “Torres Quevedo.” Black version
18.18.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal German Military Dirigibles Gross Type. Black version
19.19.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal French Zodiac type. Black version
20.reverse-of-1910-wills-card-20-italian-military-dirigible-no-1.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Italian Military Dirigible No. 1. Black version
21.21.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal German Dirigible “Clouth.” Black version
22.22.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal French Military Dirigible “Colonel Renard.” Black version
23.23.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal German Zeppelin Type. Black version
24.24.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal French Dirigible “Capazza.” Black version
25.25.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal British Dirigible “Clement Bayard.” Black version
26.26.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal An Early Idea of Aviation. Black version
27.27.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Besnier. Black version
28.28.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Henson’s Idea. Black version
29.29.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Lilenthal Gliding Machine. Black version
30.30.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Maxim, 1890. Black version
31.31.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal The “Ader” Flying Machine. Black version
32.32.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Chanute, 1895. Black version
33.33.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Santos Dumont’s First Monoplane. Black version
34.34.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Gastamabide & Mengin” Monoplane, 1908. Black version
35.35.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Wright Bros.’ Biplane. Black version
36.361.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Professor Langley’s Aerodrome. Black version
37.willss1910_37.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Voisin” Type Biplane. Black version
38.willss1910_38.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Bleriot XI.” Black version
39.39f.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal The “Antoniette” Monoplane, 1909. Black version
40.40f.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal The “Windham” Monoplane. Black version
41.41f-32.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Farman” Biplane. Black version
42.42f-001-2.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal The R.E.P. Monoplane. Black version
43.43-001.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Silver Dart.” Black version
44.44.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Cody” Biplane. Black version
45.card-45.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Santos Dumont’s Monoplane, No. XIX. Black version
46.card-46.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Herring-Curtiss.” Black version
47.card-47.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Jerme” Biplane. Black version
48.card-48.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Kimball.” Black version
49.card-49.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Rickman” Helicopter. Black version
50.card-50.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal The First Lady Aviator. Black version
51.card-51.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Bristol” Military Biplane. Black version
52.card-52.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Maxim” Biplane, 1910. Black version
53.card-53.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Vedovelli” Multiplane. Black version
54.card-54.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Piquerez” Biplane. Black version
55.card-55.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Paulhan’s New Aeroplane. Black version
56.card-56.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Howard-Wright” Biplane. Black version
57.card-571.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Givaudin II.” Triplane. Black version
58.card-58.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal New “Voisin” Biplane, 1911. Black version
59.card-59.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Vanniman” Triplane. Black version
60.60f-001.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Dunne V.” Biplane. Black version
61.61f-001.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Roe II.” Triplane. Black version
62.44f-001.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Goupy III.” Biplane. Black version
63.63f.jpg Capstan “Tellier” Monoplane. Black version
63b.etrich-f-001.jpg Vice Regal – I can not confirm if this card is in the 85-card series The Etrich Monoplane Black version
64.claude-grahame-white-f.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Mr. Claude Grahame-White. Black version
65.65f-001.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal M. Henri Farman. Black version
66.66f-001.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal M. Louis Paulhan. Black version
67.louis-bleriot-1911-wills-aviation-f.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal M. Louis Bleriot. Black version
68.captain-bertram-dickson-1911-wills-aviation-f.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Capt. Bertram Dickson. Black version
69.morning-post-dirigible-1911-capstan-navy-cut-69-of-75-series.jpg Capstan “Morning Post” Airship, 1910. Black version
69b.69f.jpg Vice Regal – I can not confirm if this card is in the 85-card series The Morane-Borel Monoplane. Black version
70.70f-001.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Mr. J. Armstrong Drexel Black version
71.71f-001.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal The late Mr. John B. Moisant. Black version
72.72f-001.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal M. Hubert Latham. Black version
73.73f-001.jpg Vice Regal “Willows II.” Dirigible. Black version
73a.73gf 001 Capstan – I can not confirm if this card is in the 85-card series Lieut. Jean Conneau (Beaumont) Black version
74.74f 001 Capstan Army Dirigible “Beta.” Black version
74b.74gf 001 Vice Regal – I can not confirm if this card is in the 85-card series M. Jules Vedrines Black version
75.75f 001 Capstan, Vice Regal Mr. Tom Sopwith. Black version
 76.Wills Aviation 76F.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal Italian War Monoplane. Black version
77.Wills Aviation 77F.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Curtiss” Hydro-Aeroplane. Black version
 78.Wills Aviation 78F.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Short” Hydro-Aeroplane. Black version
 79.Wills Aviation 79F.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Ponche and Primard” Monoplane. Black version
 80.Wills Aviation 80F.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Short” Biplane. Black version
 81.Wills Aviation 81F.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Farman” Hydro-Aeroplane. Black version
 82.Wills Card 82F.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal French Military Aeroplane. Black version
 83.Wills Aviation 83F.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Avro” Hydro-Aeroplane. Black version
 84.Wills Aviation 84F.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Avro” Aerial Taxicab.” Black version
 85.Wills Aviation 85F.jpg Capstan, Vice Regal “Coventry Ordnance” Military Biplane. Black version


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