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Wills’s Aviation Card #61 – “Roe II.” Triplane.

History Behind The Card: “Roe II” Triplane. Card #61 of 75, W.D.& H.O Wills, Aviation series 1911, Capstan Navy Cut – black back issue Sir Edwin Alliott Verdon Roe, April 26, 1877 in Patricroft, Eccles, England, Great Britain – January … Continue reading

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Avro Arrow Blueprints

Here’s something I bet you don’t see every day. For fans of Canada’s airplane the AVRO Arrow, here are some photos I took of a copy of blueprints I have. If you aren’t sure what it is… it’s the Canadian … Continue reading

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WWI – Air Force Recruitment Poster

Here’s a great poster from WWI with the Bitish Royal Air Force looking for people. Key to the advertisement’s recruiting  – other than the allure of possibly being a pilot – is that even if you are part of the … Continue reading

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Spitfires Buried in Birmingham?

First off – who the hell keeps burying Spitfires or launching wooden Avro Arrow aircraft into lakes? While the recent news about Canadian Avro Arrow models (testers) has long been suspected (or known by the fans – me, included), news … Continue reading

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54 Spitfires Found Buried In Burma

Check out news of a reported 54 Spitfire aircraft buried in the jungles of Burma in the last days of WWII. While the planes have not been dug up yet, an expedition is in place to examine if the planes … Continue reading

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Search For Avro Arrow Model Planes

Here’s an interesting story  – albeit nothing new to fans of Canada’s Avro Arrow airplane – from the Toronto Star newspaper – where I used to write: HERE. It has nothing to do with Pioneer Aviation, except that the death … Continue reading

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