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Of Bees And The Wright Brothers

What we have here, is an item at the Swann Galleries auction site offering what it calls the most unlikely scoop in journalistic aviation history. What we have here is: Gleanings in Bee Culture, which, as far as anyone can … Continue reading

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Airplane Industry Going To The Dogs

I found the image above… thought it was funny and cute and all that “awwww” stuff. Back to the hardcore research in the next blog.

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Wills’s Aviation Card #69 – “Morning Post” Airship, 1910.

History Behind The Card: “Morning Post” Airship, 1910 (Lebaudy III.) Card #69 of 75, W.D.& H.O Wills, Aviation series 1911, Capstan Navy Cut – Black-back issue Marie Paul Jules Lebaudy, July 4, 1858 in Engheim, France – October 17, 1937 … Continue reading

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Orville Wright’s Gag Check

Above is a gag check created by one Mr. Orville Wright. One might believe that with all the secrecy he and his brother Wilbur exhibited to protect their aeroplane from 1903-1908, and with subsequent lawsuits for patent infringement, that the … Continue reading

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Wills’s Aviation Card #45 – Santos Dumont’s Monoplane, No. XIX.

History Behind The Card: Santos Dumont’s Monoplane, No. XIX. Card #45 of 50, W.D.& H.O Wills, Aviation series 1910 Alberto Santos Dumont, July 20, 1873 in Palmira, (a town now named Santos Dumont), in Minas Gerais, Brazil – July 23, … Continue reading

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Wills’s Aviation Card #44 – “Cody” Biplane.

History Behind The Card: “Cody” Biplane. Card #44 of 50, W.D.& H.O Wills, Aviation series 1910 Samuel Cody, nee Samuel Franklin Cowdery, March 6, 1867 in Davenport, Iowa, United States of America – August 7, 1913, Farnborough, Great Britain (now … Continue reading

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2016 Aviation Price Index: Canada Ranks 6th Most Expensive Country for Flights

2016 Aviation Price Index: Canada Ranks 6th Most Expensive Country for Flights I know this has nothing to do with early aviation, but what the heck – it seemed interesting. And no, I’m not receiving any sort of fee, payment … Continue reading

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Tuskegee Airmen Tribute Debuts in Canada at Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Red Tail Squadron, America’s tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen, is bringing their RISE ABOVE Travelling Exhibit for its first debut north of the border August 24-28, 2016 at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. Squadron’s unique … Continue reading

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Ever Wanted To Pilot The Hindenburg?

Have you ever wanted to step behind the over-sized wheel of a zeppelin and take it up into the clouds knowing that a simple spark could turn your day into a news item that will liven infamy? I was talking … Continue reading

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California Aeronautic Company – 1876

Here is a California Aeronautic Company stock certificate denoting 100 shares in the company that was issued in San Francisco, California in 1876. Not only is this a fantastic piece of ‘selling hope’, but the artwork was also done by … Continue reading

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