pilot checklistClick on the link to go to page listing each card within a particular Wills’s Aviation series.

From there, each listed card title will take you to the corresponding article I have written on the card.

I finished the 50-card series as of January 2017, and completed the 75-card series (merely adding 29 other cards) this past November – 29 cards because within that series, there were different cigarette backs with four different cards.

I will begin the 85-card series in December of 2017, and should be finished by March of 2018. When completed, there will be three check lists below.

1910 – 50 card series

1911 – 75 card series

1911 – 85 card series

1910 – Huntley and Palmers – 12 card series

1911 – Philadelphia Caramel Company – 15 card series

1912 – Aeroplane Series 103, Khedival Company and The Surburg Co. – 10 card series