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Zero No More – Mitsubishi Back In The Air

Matthew sent me a NY Times link to a great story on Mitsubishi building a new commercial passenger jet, which will, the article state, bring Japan back into the air as a manufacturer of aircraft. After World War II, Japan’s … Continue reading

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Dream Or Reality? Boeing Says 787 Will Fly In Weeks

Depending on one’s point of view, it’s a ‘good news – bad news’ announcement from Boeing stating that rather than months, it will be weeks until the 787 Dreamliner will take-off again. After a series of almost comical if it … Continue reading

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Desperation Breeds Tiny Monsters

The above headline is an adage I created years ago that only caught on with myself. That fact doesn’t mean the meaning isn’t true, though. Scott Mayerowitz of The Associated Press has written an article detailing how Boeing’s dream passenger … Continue reading

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Japanese Lithium-Ion Battery At Heart of Boeing’s 787 Problems

Boeing has been having issues with its new 787 Dreamliner passenger jet lately – most of which can be shrugged off as birthing pains for the plane – but a recent battery fire aboard a jet has fueled overall concern—especially … Continue reading

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