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Wills’s Aviation Card #30 – Maxim, 1890

History Behind The Card: Maxim, 1890 Name: Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim, 1840 – 1916, Sangerville, Maine, United States of America Sir Hiram Maxim is perhaps better known for his invention the Maxim Gun – the first portable, fully automatic machine … Continue reading

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Road Map For Early Aviators

In the days before radar and computers, pilots used compasses et al to ensure they were flying in the correct direction. As well, aviation charts were few and far between… and even then, they may not have been very accurate, … Continue reading

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1892 Cosmopolitan Article Written By Hiram Maxim

Presented here is an article written by Hiram Maxim (1840 – 1916), who amongst his many inventions created a machine gun and a sprinkler system, though never purchased until the patent expired saw his invention actually used after that. The … Continue reading

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