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The First Japanese Airplane – Kaishiki No. 1

Japan’s very first Japanese-designed and manufactured aeroplane was the Kaishiki No. 1 (kaishiichigouki, 会式一号機), pusher aeroplane (propeller is behind the pilot, pushing the craft, as opposed to the puller type we commonly have nowadays that leads the aircraft) which was … Continue reading

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The Great Japanese Aviation Postcard Mystery

I really love solving mysteries. I’m not very good at solving them via books – a credit to the writers, but I’m a curiouser and curiouser kindda guy. I like to know something about everything and if possible know everything … Continue reading

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Japan’s Aviation Pioneer

Meet Japan’s true aviation pioneer – one Ninomiya Chuhachi (surname first – pronounced knee-no-me-yeah chew-ha-chee), who was born June 20, 1866 in Yawatahama-ura, Iyo-ken (Iyo Prefecture that is now Ehime Prefecture) and died on April 8, 1936 of stomach cancer. … Continue reading

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