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Ruth Law & Pioneer Aviator

Ruth Bancroft Law aka Ruth Law Oliver aka Ruth Law: born March 21, 1887 at Lynn, Massachusetts, United States of America – died December 1, 1970 in San Francisco, California, United States of America. Who gave the proverbial middle finger … Continue reading

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A “Look” Inside A 1909 Aeroplane Factory

The headline describes the journey… Published in the April 25, 1909 edition of The Daily Picayune of New Orleans, Louisiana – page 43 – found via READEX, a Division of Newsbank… my source for early American newspaper resources. http://www.iw.newsbank.com. I … Continue reading

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It Sucked To Be An Early Innovative Aviation Inventor

By the time the general populous heard of the Wright Brother’s and their fabulous new aeroplane, they had actually had five successful years to improve upon their original flight, and put in numerous years previous working out aerodynamics, power-to-weight ratios, … Continue reading

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