Checklist For Wills’s Cigarettes Aviation 1910 – 50 Cards

Checklist For Wills’s Cigarettes Aviation 1910  – 50 Cards

  1. “Flying Ship” of Francesco de Lana.
  2. Montgolfier, 1783.
  3. First Balloon Flight in England, 1784.
  4. First Successful Crossing the Channel, 1785.
  5. First Parachute Display, 1837.
  6. First “dirigible,” 1852.
  7. First Successful Dirigible, 1883.
  8. Rounding the Eiffel Tower, Santos Dumont.
  9. First British War Balloon, “Nulli Secondus,” 1905.
  10. United States Military Dirigible No. 1.
  11. The Wellman Airship “America,” 1907.
  12. French Dirigibles Lebaudy Type.
  13. Modern British Army Dirigible “Baby.”
  14. “Ville de Paris” (French.)
  15. German Parseval Type.
  16. Italian Dirigible “Italia.”
  17. Spanish “Torres Quevedo.”
  18. German Military Dirigibles Gross Type.
  19. French Zodiac type.
  20. Italian Military Dirigible No. 1.
  21. German Dirigible “Clouth.”
  22. French Military Dirigible “Colonel Renard.”
  23. German Zeppelin Type.
  24. French Dirigible “Capazza.”
  25. British Dirigible “Clement Bayard.”
  26. An Early Idea of Aviation.
  27. Besnier.
  28. Henson’s Idea.
  29. Lilenthal Gliding Machine.
  30. Maxim, 1890.
  31. The “Ader” Flying Machine.
  32. Chanute, 1895.
  33. Santos Dumont’s First Monoplane.
  34. “Gastamabide & Mengin” Monoplane, 1908.
  35. Wright Bros.’ Biplane.
  36. Professor Langley’s Aerodrome.
  37. “Voisin” Type Biplane.
  38. “Bleriot XI.”
  39. The “Antoniette” Monoplane, 1909.
  40. The “Windham” Monoplane.
  41. “Farman” Biplane.
  42. The R.E.P. Monoplane.
  43. “Silver Dart.”
  44. “Cody” Biplane.
  45. Santos Dumont’s Monoplane, No. XIX.
  46. “Herring-Curtiss.”
  47. “Jerme” Biplane.
  48. “Kimball.”
  49. “Rickman” Helicopter.
  50. The First Lady Aviator.

A checklist for the complete 75-card sets, as well as for the 85-card set will be posted on another page as they are completed.

Further, I will set up a page with my “doubles” in case anyone wants to trade card-for-card, with the two parties taking care of the shipping costs themselves – after all, it will be the same (or thereabouts) for each card going each way. D’uh, eh. My plan is to avoid collectors from being ripped off by unscrupulous sellers who offer a card for cheap but rip you off via shipping. Also… sometimes you just want the card as a filler until such time as a better card becomes available. Soon… Maybe a plan for my Christmas holidays of 2017.